Kingdom f/ Vince Staples | Common

With so much attention being focused on Chicago and its gun issues, many rappers have been taking a stand to either represent the Windy City or showing their disapproval of the current state of affairs. One of the first rappers to take a stand was Common. Now he’s back, in a far different hip-hop landscape. He brings in the new beats and Vince Staples feature, but keeps the OG message intact. 

Youth | Ben Khan

Bouncing between pop and R&B, “Youth” is a playful romp down memory lane. Where it lacks in lyrics, it more than makes up with Khan’s smooth voice. 


Coffee | Sylvan Esso

A hypnotic beat gives way to an even more hypnotic chorus of “get up, get down”. The delightful warmth of the vocals match the folksy instruments. I wouldn’t mind this song being part of my ritual every morning.


The Dark (Trinity) f/ Dice Raw & Greg Porn | The Roots

Dark clanging of drums and piano combined with the verses by Black Thought, Dice Raw and Greg Porn paint the bleak picture for Black individuals. It fits well into the rest of the album’s cynical spin on American society and hip hop culture’s position in it. 

All I Want B.o.B

I’ve been a fan of Bobby Ray for the longest time. Even when he lead the pop rap charts with “Nothin On You” and “Airplane”, I believed in his No Genre game. However, this may be the last straw. Underground Luxury was just a shallow and boring concept. All I want is some mixtape B.o.B.